Who we are


We are a group of IT enthusiasts who began from helping colleagues, than there was our first work in IT, and finally we were managing very large and complex IT environments in corporations. Thanks to this we have added skills and high competence to our passion. All these experiences led us to a decision to extract our best, join together and create a company. A company that provides the highest level of services related to comprehensive design and management of IT infrastructure, Including: infrastructure and security of network and server solutions, databases, virtualization platforms, mass storage systems, and integration based on mobile devices. We want to provide our clients and partners with the highest quality of services, a comprehensive and flexible approach to projects and the highest security standards for IT infrastructure.

Our primary goals are: quality, security, and simplification of IT processes and architecture wherever possible.

Over the years, we have implemented and participated in a number of IT projects of different sizes and complexity. Below we attach few examples that show closer our skills:

Network design and infrastructure maintenance at one of the largest logistic companies in Poland including:

  • Construction and maintenance of two data centers in two different geographical locations (over 1000 virtual machines, storage 1PB);
  • Comprehensive relocation of the basic Data Center while maintaining the continuity of operation of all services during migration;
  • Construction and maintenance of campus network in three office buildings with a total area of over 10,000m2 / about 2,000 LAN / VoIP sockets with 802.1X authorization;
  • Construction and maintenance of a wide area network in more than 60 branches in Poland and Europe (LAN / WAN);
  • Designing and launching IT infrastructure (turnkey) for the needs of sorting courier packages in one of the largest logistics parks in Poland together with designing server rooms, participation in designing and launching the sub-sorting system;
  • Private APN networks (in many countries around the world);
  • Managing a group of over 10,000 automatic, globally distributed devices supporting parcel collection, based on mobile solutions;

Oferujemy najnowsze technologie naszych Partnerów

In addition, we have experience and skills which we are constantly developing thanks to cooperation with clients for whom we did and do implement:

  • Polish MPLS network at one of ISP operators, based on 10/40 / 100Gbps uplinks;
  • Blackholing systems;
  • AntyDDoS systems based on Fortinet solutions;
  • Systems supporting the sending of transactional emails (volume ~ 3-5 million emails per day), based on Fortinet solutions;
  • Tools and systems supporting group work of a 400-person team working remotely (solution based on Open Source components);
  • High-performance HA clusters for web services;
  • Active Directory for over 10k workstations;
  • High-performance database environments based on PostgreSQL;
  • An extensive network of device monitoring in Europe based on private APN;
  • Backup connection system (in Poland) based on the “MPLS over LTE” network in cooperation with one of the largest GSM operators in Poland;
  • VPN hubs up to 10k users;
  • K8S clusters;
  • Virtualization based on Vmware / Xen;
  • Backup systems based on CommVault, Data Domain, VDP, Veeam;
  • Inter-site data replication systems based on EMC Vplex;
  • Data Center environmental parameter monitoring systems, systems, applications and business processes;
  • Access control systems in server rooms;